National Retail Bank


Financial regulatory changes required all departments to pass projects through an internal audit process, creating inter-departmental tensions and polarised views. The client needed support in breaking down these barriers to create a shared vision.


The organisation’s vision & values were displayed widely, but they failed to provide the basis for a shared purpose, as employees lacked any emotional connection to them. SenseEIA identified key opinion leaders who had most influence and most scepticism of the values as they were understood. We used storytelling techniques with the KOLs to help them articulate what the vision & values meant to them at an emotional level.


These KOL’s shared their stories about what the company’s visions & values meant to them. It allowed them to connect with each other at an emotional and rational level. It established a shared understanding for the core objectives of the business & their roles. It provided a framework to address disagreements and resolve tensions.

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