SenseEIA is a new consultancy with a unique proposition. We recognise that some employees in your organisation can ignite and inspire teams brilliantly. Sadly, these same individuals can also cause tension and create toxic environments. We can help you to stop the rot but retain your talent so your business can flourish.


We analyse team dynamics across your organisation, isolating the social networks from the hierarchical. Using storytelling, we then harness social power to create authentic, passionate and genuinely motivated employees who want to realise the vision you have for your business.


Using this precise targeted approach to drive positive messaging across the business, increases trust, improves engagement and drives profit related performance upwards.




Social Networks

Social Network Analysis provides an alternative organisational chart, one based on social power rather than the structural power of an organisation’s hierarchy. Drawn from a simple online survey, SenseEIA is able to identify individuals perceived as trustworthy, collaborative and competent by their peers. The resulting socio-graph illustrates the dynamics of the organisation’s social network – exposing holes and bottlenecks in communication channels – and identifying key opinion leaders, individuals who are highly connected and highly influential.


Social Power

Drawing on leading research from the London School of Economics, SenseEIA helps clients understand & harness the social power that exists across their organisation. In an age of flatter hierarchies, devolved leadership and Millennials, social power has never been more important – as a force for both value creation and value destruction. SenseEIA works with clients to advise on how best to align social power with organisational objectives.



Stories are data points combined with emotional context – it is a definition that allows SenseEIA to use storytelling with intent to deliver specificity around the ‘grey’ and ‘fuzzy’ areas that underpin a client’s clear objectives. We work with an organisation’s key opinion leaders to tease out issues using both rational and emotional triggers, to fully engage them in the social and technical implications of their work. This storytelling approach creates narratives that can be nurtured, disseminated and embedded through contagion, across the organisation.

SenseEIA utilizes the latest tools in social network analysis to help organisations identify highly connected, highly influential individuals across their organisation's hierarchy. Their social power is then harnessed through robust storytelling techniques to deliver the organisation's strategic objectives

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SenseEIA combines commercial experience, academic research and storytelling expertise.

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