Power. Influence. Threat. Ambition.

These forces represent the dark matter swirling around your organisation - unseen. These forces can kill a great idea stone dead. We decode this dark matter - useful if you're about to embark on a change project that needs to deliver value. We make CHANGE work for everyone - not just the few. How do we do this?

First of all we measure and manage key dynamics across the emotional terrain of your organisation using our ORA, TDA and SNA tools.. The results help us to identify your most powerful and resourceful employees. Using their unique insights, skills and networks, they can help the workforce become aligned to an authentic shared purpose.  

Our work helps organisations become emotionally mature and secure. This means they can deal with disruption without distraction. When a workforce can meet the threats and uncertainties of change, using its full bandwidth of human and technical resources, the results can be astonishing.


SenseEIA was founded by Jason Langley and Joanna Traynor. They combine their histories to create a new world where the future can be shaped according to the needs and feelings of those who are impacted by change.


Joanna Traynor has enjoyed a rich and rewarding career in TV production, helping people craft story to influence and persuade, to inform and entertain.  Now, a psychotherapist and coach, Joanna uses neuroscience and insights from the behavioural sciences to analyse, identify and manage the impact of cultural narratives in the workplace - from the ground right up to the board room. By shining light on the dark spaces of the emotional terrain,  Joanna helps clients meet with and accept their vulnerabilities, as the next step along the road to authentic emotional maturity. Joanna believes this to be the only road open, the only path worth taking, if a business has a desire to manage change, be resilient to threat and has a need to foster a spirit of adventure and sustainability as core competencies.  

Jason Langley worked hard to reach the boardroom of an extremely successful international digital media organisation, one of the fastest growing and largest suppliers of media content to the world of TV and film. He would still be there, but for boardroom battles fed by fear, greed, power and ambition getting out of hand.  The stakes were high but emotions were holding more sway than facts, and opinions more sway than stats and actual experiences. Jason felt he had no choice but to learn how and why this could be? And so he checked out of the corporate world and into the London School of Economics, to research the role of social and structural power in driving organisational effectiveness.  

SenseEIA recognisesthat both story and social power, if unmanaged, represent significant risks for business. If a socially powerful individual tells a story that sticks, their influence can support or sabotage a project. Change leaders have had to leave this risk to chance and the gamble hasn’t always paid off.  SenseEIAmaps the emotional landscape onto which change must land, allowing organisations to mitigate the risk of resistance and sabotage. Our Emotional Impact Analysis allows organisations to de-code the dark matter that may derail their change programme. When emotional impact is managed, certainty replaces fear, the anticipation of opportunity replaces the sense of loss. In essence, by mapping and managing informal power, SenseEIA builds change readiness across the business.